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Hendrik Lieftink in population register

Today, we are looking at two entries for Hendrik Lieftink in the population register of Maarn (1890-1920).

population register for Maarn, showing Hendrik Lieftink
Civil registration (Maarn, Utrecht, Netherlands), population register 1890-1920, page 139, lines 9 and 15, entries for Hendrik Lieftink; “Netherlands Census and Population Registers, 1574-1940,” database with images, FamilySearch ( viewed 23 April 2020), digital film 005793609, image 317 of 458.


9. Lieftink – Hendrik – M – zoon – 26 Apr 1900 – NH – 24 [29?] Feb – Linschoten
15. Lieftink – Hendrik – M – zoon – 26-4-1900 – O – NH – 26-11-1921 – Breukelen – 20-12-1921 – Breukelen

Explanation of the columns

1. Reference number
2. Date of registration
3. Family name
4. First name(s)
5. Sexe
6. Relationship to the head of the family
7. Date of birth
8. Place of birth
9. Marital status
10. Changes in marital status
11. Religion
12. Profession
13. Address
14. Date of arrival in the municipality
15. Previous residence
16. Date of departure from the municipality
17. Next residence
18. Date of death
19. Legal residency
20. Remarks

photo of the former townhall of Maarn, Utrecht
former town hall of the municipality of Maarn (photo credits: Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed)


This page shows Gerrit Lieftink, his wife Antje Jansen and their eight children (of which two died as an infant). Gerrit was a laborer (arbeider) and he and his family were members of the Dutch Reformed church (Nederlands Hervormd, abbreviated as NH). They lived in Maarn in house A-66, A-72, A-97 and A-127. A is the letter of the neighborhood. The fact that the page shows four addresses, does not necessarily mean that they lived in four different houses. The same house might have been renamed/renumbered four times.

Because this population register was used for thirty years, many changes in the lives of individual family members were recorded. One of the daughters, Hendrika, married and became a mother. She and her family lived with her parents in the same house. Some of the children left home to live in a different place, their names were crossed out. A few of them returned, others did not.

Son Hendrik Lieftink was born on 26 April 1900. His place of birth is not specified, but is most likely Maarn. He left Maarn on 24 (or 29?) February of an unspecified year, and moved to Linschoten. On 26 November 1921 he came back to his parents’ house, returning from Breukelen. He relocated to that same place one month later. For this reason he was mentioned twice on the same page, once in line 9 and once in line 15.

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