It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is John Boeren and I live in Tilburg, a city in the south of the Netherlands.

My Experience

I started researching my own family history in 1988, when a brother of my grandfather showed me a list of names of his uncles and aunts. I had never heard of these people, but I definitely wanted to know more about them! In the following decades I worked on the families of my four grandparents (Boeren, Van Berkel, Jansen and Snoeren) and on my pedigree chart. Because many of my ancestors lived in the small town of Loon op Zand, I started a one-place study.

Genealogy was part of my daily work for ten years. From 1996 to 2005 I worked at the regional archives in Tilburg. Then I found out that I really enjoy explaining to others how they can do genealogical research themselves. I started giving courses and lectures, and I started writing articles for magazines and blogs.

My interest in genealogy and family history developed over the years into a true passion. In 2015 I founded my own business, called Antecedentia, and since 2018 I am a fulltime professional genealogist. I still enjoy researching my own family history, but certainly also the history of my client’s families.


Although I always wanted to study History, others convinced me that Law was a better choice. After my education at Tilburg University, I opted for a short study at the School for Archivists in The Hague.
When I made the decision to work as a genealogy professional, I also looked for appropriate training in this field. I found this at the International Institute for Genealogical Studies in Canada. In 2019 I completed the Professional Development Certificate and the Methodology Certificate, followed by the English Records Certifiate in 2020.
In the summer of 2020 I chose to start a new study: the Strathclyde courses, which should lead me to my second Master Degree, this time in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies (MSc). 


Right from the beginning of my genealogical work I thought it was important to give something back to the genealogical community. I became a volunteer at archives and at historical and genealogical societies.
Because I think it is important to maintain contacts with fellow genealogists in other countries, I am currently serving as President of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).

I am a member of:
American Historical Association
Association of Professional Genealogists
Dutch Settlers Society of Albany (associate)
National Genealogical Society
Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging
Koninklijk Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde
Register of Qualified Genealogists (student member)

If you have questions about your Dutch ancestors, I am always available to answer them. You can send me a message or you can look for me on social media.

I look forward to working with you on your family’s history in the Netherlands!