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Genealogy or family history is a very popular pastime. Looking for your Dutch ancestors is an amazing adventure. You can do a lot of research yourself. However, you might come to a point where you need help with your research. Discover how we can help you.

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  • Marriage record of Maria van Hoof
    Today, we are looking at the marriage record of Maria van Hoof (1944). When she married Simon Rommens it was still war time. Later they got five children. They followed a traditional naming pattern. [more]
  • Birth of Johannes Hermannus Wolters
    Today, we are looking at the birth record of Johannes Hermannus Wolters (1899). His original name was Johannes Hermannus Roode. When his parents married, they forgot to acknowledge him. They rectified this omission in 1905, but royal letters were necessary to make it official. [more]