Are you looking for help with your Dutch genealogy or family history research? This is one of the services that we offer.

Genealogy or Family History Research

Family history has become extremely popular in the past two decades. Millions of people around the world are researching the origins of their families every week. Although you may find a lot of pleasure in doing this research yourself, sometimes you need a professional. For example when your ancestors are from a different country.

What we offer

With more than thirty years of experience, we can help you find your Dutch ancestors. We have a good knowledge of online available websites and databases. Because many records are online, that is where we start to find your Dutch relatives. We look for civil or vital records, censuses or population registers, and church books. Further research, for example in court records or notarial records, might require a visit of one of the local or regional archives.

Good research starts with a concrete and clearly defined question. You are responsible for this, but we can of course come to a clear description together together. Then we will start with the research. At the end of the agreed time, we will send you a report with all the results. Based on this report, you decide whether you want further research. In this way we work together step by step towards a good result. It is an adventure that we embark on together!

What others said about our work

“John’s response was quick, professional and extremely efficient.  He took great care to understand what I wanted and delivered a very high quality set of reports at agreed intervals and reasonable cost.  I would very highly recommend John Boeren to anyone who needs to understand their past to help understand their present.” [DM, England]