Are you looking for a professional to give a presentation about how to find Dutch ancestors? This is one of the services that we offer.

Lectures and Presentations

If you want to do genealogy or family history research yourself and you have no idea where to start, you are welcome to attend one of our lectures or (online) presentations.

A couple of times a year we attend the bigger genealogy events, for example RootsTech (Salt Lake City, US) or THE Genealogy Show (Birmingham, UK) where we speak about how to find your ancestors in the Netherlands. Societies and commercial companies also ask us to give online presentations or webinars.

What we offer

We give talks at genealogy conferences and events. Some of these lectures are more like an introduction: how to start with Dutch genealogy, or how to find Dutch ancestors online. Other talks are more specific, for example about civil records, populations registers, or church books and parish registers.

Not only do we give these presentations in person, we also offer online versions. For example in a webinar or other kind of virtual meeting.

What others said about our work

“It was a great talk, especially for someone who had done zero Dutch research. I liked the way you organized it.” [DS, United States]

“Found good info to help me look in right direction to find ancestors in Netherlands. Have hit a brick wall and I’m very hopeful to begin anew in my research. John also was very fun and knowledgeable.” [RootsTech attendee]

“The presenter is very fun and engaging. The information was really helpful, and applicable to helping with actual research. I learned A LOT, and really feel prepared to move forward.” [RootsTech attendee]