Methodology Spotlight

Willem van Leeuwen in Sluipwijk, list of inhabitants

Census records are a big help when reconstructing families. In the Netherlands we often use population registers for tracing people in the 19th century. In some towns we find precursors to the censuses. For example, this list of inhabitants of Sluipwijk, dated 1807. Translation [number of the house] B.45Willem van LeeuwenGrietje Burgerchildren: Klaas, Jan, Marrigje, Read more…

Tea Valley near Bandung, Indonesia, where Anne Louise Slockens lived for a couple of years.
Methodology Spotlight

Dutch population registers lead to international research: Anne Louise Slockers

Populations registers list all persons who lived in a Dutch municipality, regardless of their nationality or place of birth. Anna Louise Slockers, who was born in Waverley near Sydney, Australia, lived in Baarle-Nassau for about 20 months. Thanks to this registration we know a lot about her family. Explanation of the columns Anne Louise’s entry Read more…