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#5YearAntecedentia – The Finals

A few days before I posted the first of my anniversary articles, it was New Year’s Eve. Everybody was celebrating the beginning of a new year, and of a new decade. Although some people still argue whether the decade should start in 2020 or in 2021. Anyway… The new year was introduced with fireworks. We often use fireworks when we are celebrating a special moment. Technically I should have used fireworks to start my anniversary month, but I have waited with that until now.

Sunday’s post was the last anniversary article with my thoughts about the first five years of my business. I wrote about education, events and professional affiliates and gave examples of great projects I worked on. By now it is January 29, 2020. The Antecedentia anniversary month is over. In the last weeks I have given away some really nice prizes. If you want, you can still enter the contests. Every contest will be ‘open’ for entries until January 31, 11:59pm.

To refresh your mind:

Back to the fireworks… Let me finish this great anniversary month with some fireworks. Today there are TWO prizes you can win.

What should you do? (1) You share this post on your social media channels. (2) Let me know which of the previous articles you liked best, and why. (3) Tell me if you want to win the 5 hours of research in the Netherlands or the Legacy Family Tree Webinars subscription. Send me the answer in an email or through a private message on social media.

Thank you for reading my articles, thank you for celebrating this anniversary with me. If you have entered one or more contests, then take a look at my website on Friday February 7, 2020 when I will announce all the winners of the giveaways.