Unbordered: the search for Adolf Lempert

Andrew Evans approached us in June 2016 because he was looking for information regarding his maternal grandfather. He had few details, and research was complicated because his grandfather not only lived in several countries, he also used different family names. Two and a half years later, he used all the documents he found to create a podcast, called ‘Unbordered’. This is what he wrote about his ‘quest’…

“I never met my mother’s father. And that may be part of the appeal. He’s… a story… a rumour!”

“There was very little I could say about him with any certainty, aside from the fact that he had always intrigued me. I knew he’d somehow survived the Holocaust and settled in England but in later life a ‘controversial third act’ led to his becoming a persona non grata, shrouded in mystery.”

“I suspected many of the answers lay within an immigration file I was able to find. But I was only able to make sense of these thanks to the clear and insightful abstracts provided by John Boeren at Antecedentia. It really is a fascinating story. One that moves from Lemberg to Lisbon to London, from escaping the Nazis to fighting the Nazis, and from stamp dealing to French prisons and Freemasonry!”

His story can now be heard in the Unbordered podcast, available through iTunes. Also available through Podbean.
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