Figures of Engelbert van Immerseel and his wife on their burial monument.
Methodology Spotlight

Were your ancestors buried in a church?

Usually we talk about records that are helpful for your Dutch genealogy or family history research. Today we want to show you how interesting it can be to visit (old) churches and to look around for monumental inscriptions. According to Wikipedia, a monumental inscription is “an inscription, typically carved in stone, on a grave marker, cenotaph, memorial plaque, church monument or Read more…

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#5YearAntecedentia – Education

One of the challenges genealogists in the Netherlands have, is the lack of education. There are only a couple of books that explain how to research family history in the Netherlands, mainly focused on sources like civil records, population registers, court records and notarial records. Specific literature about methodology does not exist. Many organizations – Read more…