RootsTech London 2019
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RootsTech London… this is your chance!

Last February, I visited Salt Lake City for the first time in my life. For many years I had heard about the import role the LDS church plays in the genealogy world and I had worked with FamilySearch, as this website also offers many records from the Netherlands. A couple of years ago I learned that FamilySearch was (and is!) the driving force behind the RootsTech show. Over the years I watched some of RootsTech’s live streams, mostly their opening and keynote sessions. And I loved it. I knew I had to be there, at least once in my life. When I gave up my regular job to become a full-time professional genealogist, I made plans to attend a few international conferences. RootsTech was on my list… #1, of course. If you want to know more about my time in Salt Lake City, please read the two blog posts I wrote about this amazing trip: and

Now, let me get back to RootsTech. In the middle of all my planning to go to Salt Lake City, RootsTech announced a new adventure… the show would come to Europe in 2019, to London! I was thrilled, it turned out that I was going to attend this major genealogy event twice in one year. What an unexpected pleasure! And the best thing, it takes me almost eleven hours to fly to SLC but only one to London. Can you imagine how – after my experiences in SLC – enthusiastic I am about this new edition? If you cannot, then let me give you a few reasons.

  • First and foremost… The show lasts three full days. It starts on Thursday October, 24th and ends on Saturday October, 26th. Yes, three days of genealogy fun!
  • RootsTech London offers more than 150 talks or classes. You can find the full schedule, all speakers and their presentations, on the website: There are talks about DNA (of course), immigration, methodology, military records, religion, social media and records from all different countries in Europe. I am really proud to be one of the speakers. On Friday (1.00pm) I will present ‘Tracing Your Ancestors in the Netherlands’. A must-hear for everybody who has Dutch roots. All classes are free to attend, no need to pay an additional fee for the talks.
  • If you are not attending one of the classes, you can walk around in the Exhibition Hall. This is the place where you will find (the bigger) companies, family history organisations and professional genealogists. You can hear everything about new products, about technological developments, about new programs and new events. When you want an expert’s advice on a specific research question, you can visit the Coaches’ Corner.
  • Meeting other genealogists is key at events like this. The SLC edition attracts thousands and thousands of family history fans from all over the world. Every year again. It will be the same in London. Because it is the first time that RootsTech takes place outside the US, the crowd will be smaller. Nevertheless, those who do attend will be from the US, Canada, Australia, and – I expect – all countries in Europe. We will see! It is a great opportunity to meet up with your friends from social media, or to talk to ‘rock star’ genealogists. You will see ‘old’ friends and make new friends. For me, this is one of the prime reasons why I want to attend a genealogy show like this.
  • Every day, RootsTech presents inspiring keynote speakers. They are not necessarily members of the genealogy community, but they do know how to talk to large audiences. They have a real story to tell, often inspired by their own family history. RootsTech has announced one keynote speaker so far: Donny Osmond, the world famous entertainer. Besides the daily keynote sessions, there is also daily entertainment. Last week, RootsTech revealed that the popular vocal group Tre Amici – they made it to the top 10 in the 2018 UK X Factor – will perform on one or more days. How cool is that!

Do you need more reasons for coming to RootsTech? I am sure more news will come up in the next few months. Follow RootsTech on Facebook and Twitter, or check out their website:

There is one thing I did not tell you yet… As an official ambassador of RootsTech London, I get the chance to give away a complimentary 3 day pass! If you win this pass (valued at £ 149), you can attend RootsTech for free… not one day, but all days. Okay, let me be clear: you have to pay for your plane, hotel, meals and so on. But attending the RootsTech show, the classes and the keynote sessions, meeting the other genealogists and enjoying the entertainment is completely FOR FREE! Do you want to win this incredible prize? Here is what you should do…

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  2. Send me a private message, either through Twitter or Facebook messenger and tell me why you want to win this free RootsTech pass. I am also very curious to hear in what country you live!

Everybody can enter my competition, as long as you are serious to travel to London to attend RootsTech! This competition closes at midnight on July 31, 2019. In the first week of August I will announce the winner on Twitter and Facebook, and he or she will get further instructions on how to register for RootsTech.

For those who think: shoot, I already purchased a RootsTech London pass… you can still enter. When you win this competition, you will get a full refund!