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Looking back: THEGenShow2019

Wow, just wow… #THEGenShow2019 was an incredible experience! I never doubted it would be a successful, new, premier and international genealogy event. However, I never thought it would be like this and it certainly never came to my mind it would be so rewarding. How did I get involved? I received an e-mail from Kirsty […]

THE Genealogy Show 2019

Discover Your Roots! This new event is designed to bring the international genealogy world together. What a great lineup of speakers from all over the world: Australia, Europe, United States and Canada.

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THE Genealogy Show

In a month I will be flying to Birmingham. My second visit of this English city. Last time I was there (April 2017) I attended Who Do You Think You Are Live, my first big international genealogy event. This time I will be there to attend THE Genealogy Show (TGS), a brand new event organised […]