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Getting ready for RootsTech 2024

I know. February 2024 still seems very far away, more than four months. But, preparations for RootsTech 2024 have already begun. And not just with the organizers of the largest genealogy event in the world. The speakers are also busy with creating their new presentations. I am one of them.

What is RootsTech?

It is hard to believe that there is anyone in the genealogy community who has never heard of RootsTech. For those who have no clue, let me give you a short summary. RootsTech takes place every year, usually at the end of February or the beginning of March. Before the Covid period there was only an in-person event with a few live streams, but in recent years a large part of the event can also be followed online. Participants get the opportunity to hear about developments, learn about all kinds of topics and meet new like-minded people. Thousands flock to Salt Lake City for the live event, while hundreds of thousands register for the virtual version. This makes RootsTech the largest genealogy event in the world. Take a look at their website and you will see what all the buzz is about.

My experiences

After a ‘failed attempt’ in 2018 to make the trip to Salt Lake City, the next year I pushed myself to make the 11-hour flight to the capital of Utah. When I saw the RootsTech venue, it amazed me. So many interested parties, so many presentations, so many vendors and – as it turned out – so many friends. Because I must say: genealogy brings people together and anyone who has been involved in family history research for a while gets a whole new bonus family. You can read more about my experiences in 2019 on this website.

In 2020 I was back in Salt Lake City. This time I wasn’t just there to take part in this big show. I was now also selected as a speaker. A new experience, but again a very pleasant one. I have also posted a summary of this trip online.

John Boeren ready for his presentation at RootsTech 2020.

Looking forward

The Covid period was very annoying for everyone. Visiting Salt Lake City was out of the question. Fortunately, RootsTech continued virtually in 2021 and 2022, and both versions were back in 2023.

Now we can look ahead to the 2024 edition. That will undoubtedly be a party again. I’m flying back to Salt Lake City, I can meet my friends there again… and I can speak there again. I get the opportunnity to host two classes: one for beginners, one for advanced users. Of course they are about something I know a lot about: how do you find your ancestors in the Netherlands.


Would you also like to experience what RootsTech is? Then you can register now. The virtual version is free, you only pay for the in-person version in Salt Lake City. I have booked my flight, I have arranged my hotel. I am ready. Are you? Then I would love to see you in Utah, or perhaps online. Have fun. Oh, if you have any questions about this event, you can always contact me!