Documentary on Dutch immigrants in Wisconsin

Antecedentia | Genealogy in the Netherlands is proud to support the making of the documentary ‘From Houdoe to How do …?’ This movie shows the importance of our roots. They accompany us everywhere, wherever we are in the world.

Over a period of more than 110 years, Catholics from the Netherlands, mostly from the eastern part of the province of Noord-Brabant, emigrated to a tiny village in Wisconsin: Little Chute. The most recent emigrants left for Little Chute in 1960. Some of them are still alive. They are now 80 or 90 years old and are still able to tell their stories. Why did they leave the Netherlands and what happened to them in their new country? What parts of the Dutch culture or the Dutch language remained and how did they pass these on to their children? Do they still long for the Netherlands? And do the descendants of these emigrants feel connected to the land of their parents and ancestors?

The Van der Hei brothers emigrated to De Pere, Wisconsin in 1860. This photo was taken in 1910.

The first recordings for this documentary are finished, including one of the visit from American descendants to Noord-Brabant. To continue the recordings in Little Chute and to finalize the documentary, the filmmakers need more help. With money from crowdfunding they can capture a piece of this Dutch heritage. Will you help them? Antecedentia did, because we believe that this beautiful story deserves to be told!

Take a look at the website of this crowdfunding project: